1.  James Massone made it through to the live shows in The Voice Season 2.

Waiting for his battle round was both exciting and agonizing.   I had to wait for about 5 weeks until I could watch him again and my brain was going nuts as to who he was battling with.  I had fingers crossed that it wouldn’t be Jamar Rogers(because Jamar would just trump him, or anyone actually) nor Erin Martin(because Cee-lo will definitely look past singing capabilities).

Well thank God he was paired against Wade.   Though I agree that his arrangement of Rehab was “cool and funk-eyh”, it was just that.  The kid just can’t control his notes.  I did not enjoy how he vocally butchered Rehab.  But but but, if coached, he will be one to watch out for.

So hurrah for James ♥ and Me ♥

Bring in the giggles!

2. Mmmboping my way to the Hanson concert this Saturday!

Finally, my friend and I have our tickets to the Hanson concert this Saturday which I’m absolutely excited about.

So I have about 3 days to relearn all Hanson songs but I’m sure I’ve got the lo-down on Mmbop and Where’s the love.

So they better play those songs!

3.  Finally finally found the perfume that got me into scents.  I was never into scents be it perfumes or colognes but sometime last year, in a liquor shop, a lady in her early 30s passed by me and I got a whiff of the scent she was wearing.  It was fresh but not the soap fresh kind.  It was the cool fresh outdoor kind that’s not for teens.  I failed to ask the lady what she was wearing so I had to search for it by subjecting my nose to every single perfume bottle I can find in department stores including some god-awful scents that were inexplicably expensive.  I was always referred to D&G Light Blue, Moschino I Love Love, Clinique Happy, Armani’s Acqua di Gioia but none of them came close to what I wanted.  And finally, after months and months of searching, I finally found the correct scent.  I was at Rustan’s waiting for my friend to get those Hanson tickets when I asked the SA over the perfume counter for:

perfume that smells fresh just like as if I stepped out of the shower

SA: Brings out box of Clean Warm Cotton.  “Try This”

Me: Sniffs. “No not this, something fresh, garden fresh but not floral”

SA: Points to Clean Outdoor Fresh. “We don’t have tester for that”

Me: :(

SA: Points to Versace Yellow Diamond tester

ME: Sniffs.  “No, fresh”

SA: Brings out Moschino Funny.

ME: Sniffs.  “Less sweet than this”

SA: Brings out Loewe Aire Loco.  “This is exactly what you’re looking for”

Me: Sniffs.  “Homaygahd! This! This! Finally!”  Runs to friend whose getting a MAC makeover.  “This is the scent of that girl from the liquor shop!!!”

Runs back to the SA.

Me: “What’s this?”

SA: “Ma’am, that’s a high end brand, Louis Vuitton”

Me: “What’s the name”

SA: “Ay-ri Lo-co by Lo-veh”

Me and Friend: “Huh? Again, again.”

SA: “AY-REE LO-COH by LO-VEH.  It’s 3,800 for the small bottle.”

Me and Friend: “OK. That.”

Me to Friend:  “I need to find a boyfriend who can buy me that!”