Got my samples of Buff’d Concealing Mineral Foundation in Saffron and Buff.
Both have yellow tones. Perfect! Both are said to have oil controlling properties. Perfect!
So now I’m road testing the shade Buff which has subtle yellow tones compared to the heavy Saffron.  Both are for Medium-Deep skin.

12:30pm Opened Buff from the sample plastic(in an airconditioned room) and transferred to the free jar my order came with.

12:33pm Grabbed my flat top kabuki brush and swirled it around the plastic to pick-up powder residues and buffed it onto my face.

1:01pm I notice itching around my nose…waiting for it to subside.

1:46pm It’s still itchy around my nose but damn my T-zone is not oiling up. I touched my chin, I feel it becoming dewy but nothing cray-cray(can’t believe I just used that word)!

1:50pm Heading out of the building for some breather(read: getting out of an air conditioned room now)

2:09pm No oil from my nose but itching is still there. Oh boy.

I had make-up on at around 9:30 am, and just patted it out so I can try this on.

What I used on my face earlier:

1. Cleansed face with Pond’s Oil Control facial wash

2. Toned with Human Nature Balancing Toner (love this!)

3.  L’oreal Anti-Shine Hydrating Moisturizer

4. Watson’s UV Face Milk SPF 50 PA+++

5. Blotted with tissue after sunscreen has set(something I just learned from the Cosmopolitan magazine with KC Concepcion on the cover)

6. Motives Dual Perfecting Powder in Neutral

2:16pm It’s a miracle the pores on my nose have not secreted any oil.  It usually does after 20 to 30 minutes of powdering up.  But the lower corner of my nose is still itchy! I need a remedy!

4:12pm This is unbelievable!!! NO OIL! And thank God itch has subsided!!!

4:24pm My chin’s oily but its not that bad.  But I swear no oil beads have been showing up on my nose.

5:11pm Blotted and there’s oil but no oil beads. And there’s shine but the healthy kind not the gross kind.

Almost 5 hours of wear and still no oil beads. This thing is promising except for the itching in the first 3 hours.

5:51pm This foundation is really good. My nose usually oils up badly after 30 minutes right after I put on my make-up but it has been 5 hours and my face has not one bit become disgusting!

I do notice my face has shined but its not the greasy kind of shine which I regularly suffer from, it’s the normal healthy shine that Korean girls don!

5:53pm Blotted, there is oil on the sheet but very very minimal.  and yes the foundation is still on my face and is still concealing my pores and dark spots on my chin.

5:55pm I got a text reply from Au Aves, the Buff’d vendor from ebay, I asked her right after seeing my package on my desk what’s the best application for a full non-budge coverage.  And she replied:

“Typically using a wet sponge or stippling using a brush would do =)”

I did use a brush but I just buffed the powder in, so tomorrow Imma try stippling it.  Not sure about using a wet sponge, it sounds scary.

6:06pm And I finally need to be out of the office.  So I’m just going to make bullet points of this roadtest because I don’t think I can open my blog after I leave the office:

1. Kept my oils at bay. Finally!

2. Itchy around the corners of my nose, subsided after 3 or 4 hours after application. 

3. I gradually “shined” but not greasy shine, more of like healthy alive shine = glow.


5. I don’t think it oxidized on me but it hasn’t totally matched my chest yet.  I want to try Saffron and see if that would match. Crossing my fingers.

6. I forgot about this, the powder actually did not cake and settle around my nose.  WOW!

7. It did cover my pores and my dark spots, even those dark spots on my oily chin.

6:18pm Imma go now! And hope I don’t break out.