Korean products are all the rave this last 3 years starting off with the BB Cream which has had every cosmetic company making one.   Then we came to know more Korean cosmetic and skincare brands like Etude House, The Face Shop, SkinFood, Missha, Laneige, Skin 79, Dr. Jart and BRTC (to name a FEW).

The first thing that’s gonna draw any girl to these Korean products would probably be the packaging.

Korean products simply have the cutest packaging ever.  They don’t look cheap(like most made in China brands) and they don’t look complicated(like how some Japanese products do).  And best of all they’re even cheaper than Drugstore brands.

And they usually work(see how all Korean girls have porcelain looking skin even under hot weather???).

But that’s not true to all.  I’ve had a share of Korean products that no matter how I use them, I just can’t get the result I was expecting to have.

Missha Vita M Matte BB Cream, Baviphat Magic Pore Cover Balm, Skin Food Peach Sake Serum, Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Mist Shine

Missha M Vita BB Cream Matte – This was one of the first Korean products I owned.  I was on my way to a coffee shop to meet a friend when I passed by a Korean Salon that had posted “Selling Korean Cosmetics Here” on its glass window.

I had to stop and get myself inside.  Lo and behold, they were selling Missha BB Creams of different variants for 350 pesos! I’ve just heard about BB Creams at that time and how they work as a moisturizer+sunblock+whitening+healing properties+foundation.   Missha also sounded familiar to me but I have not read much about the brand nor its bestsellers.  But at 350 Pesos, out came my wallet. #impulsebuying.  I picked the BB Cream that said Matte since I have oily skin only to find out later that it was only the  finish that was matte.

I remember seeing the Missha Perfect Cover tube inside the same shop but I snubbed it because my eyes were on the word “Matte”.  It was days after that I read that Perfect Cover was their best selling BB cream.

What a bummer.

This BB cream has ashy tones to it that can go peachy orange but it does blend to your skin tone after 10 minutes if you use a PEA SIZE AMOUNT.

Unfortunately, it does not have any oil control properties.

I only use it when I’m out for errands, just for the sunblock.

I wish I stopped myself  from getting this.  How hard is it to say “I’m not really buying now, I just want to see the BB creams you’re selling”???


Skin food Peach Sake Serum – Anything that says “pore minimizing” and “sebum control” is enticing to me.

This was one of the products I had asked my friend to get me when she went to Korea.

I was aware that the Peach Sake was a line that  also had an emulsion but I skipped that since the emulsion alone wasn’t getting that many raves online.

The receipt said 10,000 Won (09/11) for this serum.

I got excited when I had it my hands because the bottle was soooo cute and it came with a light pink pump. #shallow

I really liked the scent of this product.  It really perks me up but that’s about it.

I’ve read on several blogs that you just press the product  on your face or parts where you have large pores using your palm until it gets absorbed and you’ll get smooth poreless skin and the formula will take away excess sebum.  I tried applying it with my index finger, tried to use it thinly, tried to apply generously all after moisturizing or sometimes skipped moisturizing.

My skin would really feel smooth after applying it but count 5 minutes after, my nose starts to oil.

Sometimes, I think my oily skin just has no solution or maybe this will only work If I used the Peach Sake emulsion too?  But wouldn’t it be worse if I had both and nothing did anything for my oily skin?

I haven’t thrown away the bottle because it’s too cute to be in the trash bin nor am I giving it to anyone cause…I’m still hoping that there are other ways to make this serum work.  But for now, Imma give it a rest.

Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine Mist –  I’m going to keep this short.  Just did not control any shine.

Whether I use it during make-up application, pre-application, post-application, retouching, it just did not work. NADA.

But I still used it up hoping that it would work.  I remember buying this when Etude House first opened for like 298 something Pesos.

Definitely not worth purchasing.

Baviphat Magic Pore Cover Balm – I know it’s in the photo but it looks like I finally am able to make this work as of last night.  There aren’t any blog or youtube reviews about this product so I really had to figure out how to use this.

Another one of those products I had asked my friend to get me in Korea and the reason why I wanted this was because I wanted to try Baviphat since it’s not locally available.  I forgot how much this was but it came with a small tub of Baviphat Mango Magic Mask.  Why don’t our local brands give out freebies? Ever Bilena?Fashion21? I’d really patronize your products if you gave your consumers some incentive.

Back to this balm.  It’s a 25 gram tub full of white balm which is soft and yet can get greasy.  Its supposed to cover the pores.  I had used my fingers to apply the balm on my cheeks and nose but every application would always yield to an oilier skin so this was really disappointing and it didn’t really cover my pores.

 There’s still a lot of product in that small tub but last night I had a eureka moment and I’m giving it 5 more days of consecutive usage to give out my final verdict.

I might just have found a way.