Finally, Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look!

I love this mascara so much.

I kinda did this whole thing on a whim. I had just gotten home at 11pm last night and before washing off all the grime from my face I thought of  taking photos of the 2000 calorie on my right lashes for this blog.

So here we go.

Warning: ugliness evident in images.

Wore a bare face yesterday to work ’cause I’m brave like that.

bare lashes, basically everything else is
curled lashes

The camera flash is killing my eye. argggh!!!

one coat

On ordinary days(when I’m just out to do errands or days when I’m just in front of the computer), I find one coat enough to last the whole day.

two coats – some clumping happening
three coats

At 3 coats, I sometimes get the “Are you wearing false eyelashes?” comment to which I snap with a “No” then end with a smirk.  Then BAM! A debate begins…

four coats

I hardly go for four since it clumps at this point.

But if I wanna sex my eyes up then I say yes to 4 coats!

But I make sure I fix my lashes with a comb right after applying the 4th coat.

Don’t want my lashes to look obviously coated.


My experience with this mascara:

1. Doesn’t flake.

2. Doesn’t sting.

3. To remove this, I use a cleansing cream, wash it with facial cleanser and run a q-tip to remove any residue. Sounds a lot right?

4. Can last the whole day until I wash it off.

5. I sometimes use it on my lower lashes. Works fine.


7. 595Pesos.  A little too much if you’re satisfied with the Maybellines and local brands. But the first tube lasts me 10 MONTHS so it’s more than worth its price!! For as long as you don’t pump in air and you don’t share it with anyone you can go beyond 6 months according to the nice SA over at Max Factor Metro Ayala.

8. Holds my curl until I remove it.

9. Can clump. ok i said it. it can clump but nothing that a lash comb can’t fix.

Just to recap, thumbnails from bare to volume:

(really looks like I had  false eyelashes on…)

Now as anyone  raving or ranting will say, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

Here’s to hoping everyone gets to enjoy a Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look mascara!

Oh I almost forgot, brush from root to tip mkay??!!!  deposit and wiggle product on the root, wiggle your way up then flick.  Keep on wiggling and flicking like as if you’re blending out the mascara from your lash roots to the tip(actually you don’t have to go all the way to the very tip of your lashes, just “tease” those tips, they love it!).  This method kind of helps shape your curl and makes it stay curled longer  and gives your lashes a soft “feel” to it and not those stiff/spiky lashes we’ve once been victims of.