I dont know if its just me or has my La Opisina gone a little bit toxic lately.

You know how it is when someone tries to make things difficult for you?

Like there isn’t any issue to begin with but because she’s just probably having a bad day and she feels like you’re making it worse or maybe wants to rub it on your face that you can’t win over her she then gives you that take-it-or-leave-it tone???

Have you met someone like that? I have this officemate, I mean we’re good. We hang out a lot..we actually form part of a trio then she gets bad days or days when she just doesnt want to give in, it can be annoying as hell but you give it to her ’cause it wont be the end of the world if you give into her.  And then one day when you just can’t give in, she gets ultimately annoyed and acts like on of those girls from the movie “Mean Girls”, isolates you, tries to ditch you, doesnt ask you to join her for lunch, tells everybody else how agitated she is with what you’ve done and basically asks them to ignore you too and they fucking do!


I’m not one to give anyone a bunchload of bullshits.  I tell things as it is.  I don’t like lying because I’ve poor memory so remembering a lie is a horrible responsibility for me to take let alone pretending everything’s OK.   When I can sense something is not fine, I say it right there and then.

Unfortunately, some people can’t take the frankness.  When you finally dare to ask them what’s wrong, what the issue is, they pretend that things are ok.   Seriously, if you just tell me what your issues are I’m sure we can fix it.  But for as long as you’re going to pretend that things are fine when we all know it’s not since you’re doing stuff behind my back then I will let things be.  Be as selfish as you want to be but if things go wrong and you look at me for some kind of help, please don’t expect it, I happen to be a bitch.