So the only reason why I’m writing this is because I feel bad for this mascara, the Revlon Double Twist(Waterproof Mascara).

I got this as a gift last new year’s (I should be thankful I didn’t spend for this).

This was never on my radar and I didn’t use this ’til last month.

I decided to use this to spare my L’oreal Telescopic from getting used up  (READ: I don’t follow that 3-month rule).

Now my thoughts on this Revlon mascara…mainly negative:

1. I’m not sure if this is supposed to lengthen and volumize but it gave me broomstick lashes.

2. The brush is too huge to reach the inner corners.

3. The wand is too short making it difficult for me to brush mascara on my left lashes (I’m right handed).

4. And if I tear up, this stings.

UPDATE, I forgot to mention that this, 5. Flakes.

Another update: here’s a photo using Revlon Double Twist, looks good for 2 fresh coats but wait ’til it starts flaking.

I’ll only use this mascara if I temporarily don’t have a choice.

BUT it’s not entirely a bad product because instead of using this as a mascara I use this as my…drum roll please..


(I’m bad at liquid liners because I don’t have steady hands.

I don’t think I’ll try gel liners because they usually dry up easily.  I’ll probably get frustrated.

And as much as I love pencils cause they are so easy to apply, they just all migrate to my lower lids!  I’d look horrible.

And I’m cheap so I haven’t tried those Urban Decays and MUFE liners and don’t have plans to purchase them).

So this mascara has become my trusty eyeliner for the past few days.

I find the consistency of the formula just right for an eyeliner.

I’m really happy I took the time to look into it.

So if you own one, don’t throw it away just yet.

Pick that liner brush and put some Double Twist on it(I usually scrape off some product off the rubber brush using an

angled eyeBROW brush).  Push it onto your upper lids just like a gel or a cream liner.

Wait for it to dry, maybe 30 seconds.  Dust some powder and voila! You’ve got a budge free liner care of a crappy mascara!

You might just end up liking it like I did.