Finally found the time to blog here!

Been spending a lot of time on my tumblr since reblogging’s faster than coming up with your own shit.

The past 3 months have been so … tiring and slow.

We were finally able to put up the place, but business has been slow as we haven’t opened to the public yet.

We lack a lot of things in the shop but hey, at least we dont lack the determination to make things happen.

I know we’ll get there…before we all go extremely broke. YIKES!

I’m praying the business is going to work out soon.  Holy week is around the corner, that means we’re closed for 4 days (READ: 4 DAYS NO INCOME).  Must make sure that’s not going to be a huge issue by the time we pay for rent.

I just really hope we can do this…

Our very own La Isla Morena