L’oreal Telescopic Clean/Clean Definition Mascara: Must have.
No clumping when you bring the brush out.
No clumping when you brush it onto your lashes.
Easy to brush for inner and outer corners due to the slim brush.
Stays on for hours (like 9am to 2am) until you wash it off.
Lengthening – works great for mid-full length lashes.
Note: This is not a volumizing mascara. It doesn’t claim to be one.
Affordable at PHP495. Available in Asia.
I think I know what I should be giving my Godmothers this Christmas.YESNESS!
Just in case a girl out there is googling for a really good mascara….Im putting this review in here because I believe every girl should have the L’oreal Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara.
UPDATE: This has been pulled out -Philippine shelves. So..ya..that was some great news L’oreal…just great.