im posting via opera mobile.ive removed skyfire. im thinking about going back to skyfire.there seems to be more buttons functioning with skyfire. geez..when was the last time i posted something?? it really sucks when your office blocks sites assuming that it’s gonna improve productivity. i’m missing a lot of, smooth working environment, old starbucks in ayala, allowances, cheap lunches…the list can go on forever… just seems like life’s been passing me by. i hardly get to just sit down and enjoy that one quiet afternoon. i wish i could turn back time and just make life better. if only suicide’s a better option but im no daul kim. bless her soul. somehow, i admire those who take their own lives. people see it as quitting life, just giving up but i seriously think that it takes a lot of courage to take your own life. and a lot of convincing of oneself that it’s over. that there’s not much to live for..that no matter how you try to look at things positively it just wouldn’t put a smile on your face. lately, ive been thinking about how i wanna die…suicide, old age, accident, heart attack or by having a disease that could only happen to 1 in a million. i haven’t made up my mind yet… Reading tuesdays with morrie and watching margaret moth makes you think how you’ve lived your life. and when i look at mine, at 24, i get depressed. i haven’t achieved anything that i planned to be 5 years ago. nothing seems to be going that way. i’ll just be one of those people you see on the streets with a heavy shoulder bag on, a lonely expression and a problem to face. oh well…valentine’s day must be around the corner again.