i woke up broke today.

i decided not to work and then…

met up with domz at e-diner for lunch so he can finally give me my Ninoy back…

went back home to freshen up and watch tv…

cried over a korean drama dubbed in Filipino…

and realized that i’d misplaced my other mobile phone.

i tried to give it a couple of rings so i can easily locate it but i couldn’t hear the actual phone ringing inside the house.


i think i just lost my phone.

it’s still ringing though which means…i either dropped it inside the jeep i took going home from e-diner and no one has found it yet or i could have accidentally thrown it in a trash bin or i ran out of possibilities…

i went back to e-diner to see if i left it there but nada.

if only i had the power to locate missing cellphones.

i’m gonna have to go to my network’s shop to have it blocked.

what a hassle.

at least i have another phone.

i think that’s why Filipinos have 2 mobile phones. it won’t hurt if one gets lost.