new theme. for a change.

i’m a bit scared about tomorrow’s event.

i hope we do well or else El Presidente will resent me forever.

About the new coffee shop…

The owner spoke with us a little earlier asking us how we feel about the place.

So nice of him to assure us that he’s not going to compromise regular customers’ experience (i shared to him what happened with cafe miro).

and because he was uber nice, i invited him to tomorrow’s event.

that wasn’t really a consolation for him…teeheee.

i don’t have pictures of the new coffee shop yet.

i’ll post some once i get to stay here during the day.

we did tell him that the lights are bit dim during the night.

not quite conducive to reading or studying.

he spoke about USB lights…uhmm..not sure about that but hey, at least he’s planning to do something about it.

i’m just praying to God that this place is for good. I want this to be my Central Perk =)