Oh Timber City.

I;’m so glad it’s over.

After 2 flight cancellations back to Cebu (i missed my 2nd flight..sucks to see your plane just fly away like that) and sleepless nights (read: 4 hours of sleep per night and working for 36 hours straight), I just had to go all out for japanese food right after landing in cebu..well not really, it took a day =)

We usually pick Rai Rai or Nonki-SM for cheap bentos but this time we went a little bit expensive. We picked Nonki-AS Fortuna branch, the Nonki branch which caters to Japanese expats.

After settling down, we each got a serving of a japanese macaroni for free. I’m not a huge fan of macaroni but this one was soooo good. We ordered another bowl for 20 pesos.

Next was the Salted Japanese Green Beans. They’re huge! You can only eat the beans. I had fun eating these.

We actually had a hard time picking out food to order. The bentos are quite expensive. This was an easy pick, Japanese fried chicken. I’m not sure if it’s just me but it had an oriental taste to it. Still good.

How can you miss out on california maki? One for me, Nina and Tiny =)

And gyoza =)

I’m not exactly sure what’s in the sushi set we ordered. I’m sure there was sushi and the white/black roll was probably squid or octopus.
Tiny was not a fan.

I don’t remember what this was called, I think it’s Sizzling Teriyaki. I’m sure I just made that up. Teriyaki pork with bean sprouts served on a sizzling plate. Yum.

At this point, we didn’t have enough money to buy another round of coke light…so Nina ordered Otsa -japanese tea. Great for a full tummy.

Light decor that I wanted to bring home.

Wall decor that I wanted to bring home.

If only my bag was big enough to hide these.

Broke but full. Still happy. =)

If your mouth is watering at this point, contact Nonki SM @ 032-2327712 for Nonki AS Fortuna’s number. hehehe.