I’m currently watching HBO’s documentary on Thrilla in Manila.

I feel so bad for Joe Frazier.

He seems like a really good guy.

I hope he can leave all the bitterness behind him now.

As for Ali, I now know why Ali can hardly speak today.

He was a dirty player afterall, holding the back of the neck of his opponents and pulling them in.

And what’s worse, his mouth runs like the Mayweathers.

You may have the skill, the talent, the stamina, the charisma, the heart, the gift and whatever it is to make yourself the greatest but if you can’t play by the rules you can never be called “a true champion”.

A sport isn’t a sport without rules.

But I must say, Ali was one hell of a showman.

He was definitely great for the boxing entertainment, unfortunately, all that brouhaha has now become boxing’s greatest stigma.

(What’s up with me and boxing these days??!!)