Note: I previoulsy posted this on my multiply site…publicity work i guess?hahaha.

or probably just showing off where I’ve been to.tee hee.

Dream Come True: A Visit to the Ciudad Real de Acuzar Heritage complex

This made my Bataan trip complete.

Simply breathtaking.

I could not believe that the stars aligned for me that day.

For those who aren’t aware about Ciudad de Acuzar, here’s the lo-down: Select famous heritage houses across Luzon were torn down and reconstructed/restored in this villa. They even got the original (read: 1867) UP Fine Arts building-the Escuela De Bellas Artes which stood on Hidalgo St., Quiapo. Seeing the building, touching the walls, climbing the original staircase(which was scary) and just being inside the building for 5 minutes almost made me cry.

If I was a Fine Arts major I would have really cried.God, it was such a moment.

Super duper extra mega sobrang thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to get there. My cousins Richard (who finally got the name of the place;there was no mention of the name or exact location of the place when I first saw it on Tablescapes), Dunlop (for driving us there), JR (for walking with me around the villa), Taba (dapat ka nang tumakbo bilang Governor ng Bataan!Ang daming mong kakilala doon!Ayos ang mga chikang nahagilap!) Tito Danny (for getting Larry de Mesa to write a letter to Ruben the Caretaker), Larry de Mesa (who wrote the letter) and Mr. Acuzar (not sure if his name is Ben), the owner of the place (haba ng hair ko, he chatted with us for a while) for allowing us to get inside and take pictures of the gorgeous villa.

I remember him joking about the place as a “kalokohan”. Wow ha, his “kalokohan” is so expensive! Then he got serious by saying that the youth these days call the malls their “heritage”, we’ve forgotten about the Filipino heritage and that’s the reason why he thought of building this villa. *cough etchos cough* just kidding. ^_^

So do make sure to visit this place. It will become open to the public by 2011.

Swerte ko noh? And with that, I will start revisiting museums this 2009.

one of the houses in the compound

inside one of the houses

me chilling inside

i wanted to run away with one of these.

a bad shot of  Escuela De Bellas Artes – UP Fine Arts

a look at some of the houses within the compound

the owner in a calesa, my three cousins, and a remodelled Escolta