I’m posting this because I don’t want to go through the same shit again.

Yes. shit is the word.

So just in case this post comes in handy, here are steps on how one should process payment in Cebu Doctor’s Hospital (and its affiliate hospitals, North and South General Hospital):

First things first.

Once admitted, immediately ask your HR Department to process your Philhealth and your Health Insurance documents required by the hospital:

1. Philhealth Form 3 and the what-nots.

2. a letter from the employer certifying that you are an employee of the company and have been contributing to Philhealth

3. and health insurance documents (contact your health insurance company, they know what’s needed to be done)

Once acquired, submit it to the Nurses’ Station (except for the health insurance document, I think it goes straight to the hospital’s accounting office c/o health insurance company). The attending physician will need to sign it and will only release it if there is a discharge order.

So now  comes the discharge order from the Physician.

Make sure that the Physician or Nurses’ Station has communicated the order to the hospital’s accounting office.

Cut-off in Cebu Doctors’ is 12PM.

If you stay beyond 12 or no order has been given to the accounting office, that’s another day charged to your account.

Time to process payment.

1. Get clearance forms from the Nurses’ Station needed by the Hospital’s Philhealth Processing office.

2. Make sure that information in the  forms have been filled out by the patient. ie Address, signature, company

3. Submit these forms to the Philhealth Processing office. And wait while they prepare a document needed for the Billing section.

4. Once done in the Philhealth section, get your priority number for the Billing Section.

(They have this annoying security guard who checks on everyone’s priority numbers even if its clearly your number flashing on the Priority Number board.The guy has so much doubt.)

5. Submit the Philhealth document, and make sure that your health insurance document is with the accounting office already.

They’ll give you your statement of account with net amount to pay (less the amount covered by Philhealth and health insurance).

6. Get your Cashier priority number.

7. Make the payment when your priority number flashes.

8. The cashier will give you a slip to submit to the Nurses’ Station so you can claim clearance slips to submit to the Security Guard when you leave. (No, not the security guard at the accounting office).

Other things to remember.

1. They don’t accept personal checks.

2. You can pay credit card or cash or both.

When you review the whole procedure, it kinda sounds easy and straight.

But the thing  is…they don’t give out guidelines on how to process things.

They make you figure things out.

I heard Chong Hua Hospital has a better payment procedure.

They just make you get cash out of your wallets. End of story.

With the current Cebu Doctors’ procedure, I highly doubt they’ll get accredited for anything ISO.

Mean much? No. Just honest like an auditor.