These last 4 days  I’ve neglected every single blog and gossip site I’ve been religiously visiting for anything Manny Pacquiao.

pep, perezhilton, chuvaness EVEN my own blog were all replaced by ringtv, yahoosports and every single article i can find on google that has manny pacquiao and ricky hatton in it.

I got so obsessed with finding and watching every single pre and post-fight interviews on youtube that it’s no longer funny.

The really worst part is, I got myself singing to  “Pilipino, Pilipino. Pilipino ang lahi ko!”

Not that I despise my race. Don’t get me wrong I love my good ol’ country.

But it’s a friggin’ Manny Pacquiao song!

While Mexico is suffering from swine flu, I am having a Manny fever.

My admiration for the guy is now tremendous than ever that I find myself praying to God to  “bless” me with The Manny Pacquiao Work Attitude and Spirit (read: PRAY, WORK & ME aren’t usually used  in the same sentence).

There’s so many things I wanna write about Manny Pacquiao LIKE:

1. how he deserves his pound for pound position.

2. how Im so proud and inspired with Team Pacquiao

3. how Im so excited to see him fight Mayweather and all other great boxers, probably younger ones this time.

4. how I wanna see him fight Juan Manuel Marquez one last time to set the record straight.

5. how I wish for  a politician to pass a Manny Pacquiao Legal Holiday.

6. how I want to vote for that politician who can make a Manny Pacquiao Legal Holiday pass the congress and get the President’s approval.

7. how students will suffer from singing Manny Pacquiao songs to celebrate that Legal Holiday.

8. how Manny Pacquiao will be accepted and celebrated when he starts to show a decline.

9. and how Manny Pacquiao can pass on the flame of a true fighter’s heart to his successor.

It will probably be 3 more fights ’til he retires as he prepares for Philippine politics.

I won’t be voting for him.

Not because I think he’s no good.

But simply because I don’t want him to tarnish an image that has become so pandemic, he is undeniably the only good thing about the Philippines in everyone’s eyes today.

*this blog is  not connected with Nike and its affiliates. It’s the only good photo I can find of Manny Pacquiao. PEACE!