From La Opisina today:

” To All North office employees,Please be reminded NOT to standby in the area, going to fire exit at the back of DEV 1, during your breaktime and smoking hours.
KGK personnel found the place very dirty with cigarette butts scattered around.For your strict compliance.Thank you. ”

Because I’m honest, I called up HR immediately and admitted that I spend my breaktime smoking at the fire exit area.

(It was I who the KGK personnel saw smoke. KGK owns the building that La Opisina occupies.)

BUT. I don’t flick  ashes and throw my cigarette butts on the fire exit’s floor.

In fact, I’ve provided the smokers (me and Manong Jerry) a  covered smoke-free ashtray and have been using it religiously since January.

The place has been clean ever since. No cigarette butts on the floor.

That KGK personnel EXAGGERATED.

And because of her, I need to look for a new spot.


*not La Opisina’s smoking area.