Last night, Domz met up with his online friend Yel from Manila for the first time.

Both subscribe to and are active on

It’s about pageants and the what nots.

From Miss Universe down to Miss Purok 2.

i kid. i kid. =P

I’ve been visiting the site from time to time but have not joined as a member.

Maybe when I get the itch to reply, I’ll sign up…but just maybe.

So back to Yel from Manila

We took him to Handuraw Lahug for dinner.

And made him taste a Cebuana. A Pizza Cebuana that is.

(Pizza Cebuana Forever!!!Domz and I can really pass off as Handuraw endorsers!)

He’s now back in Manila and he gave me and the pizza a shoutout on just today.

So sweet.

I’m glad he enjoyed the pizza ’cause I sure am enjoying my 2 minutes of international exposure!
Thank you very much!

kattera and yel: