Another attempt on blogging.

I had one a few months back on blogspot.

I didn’t really pay that much attention to it.

Just trying to see what it was like to blog.

And here I am, creating a new one.

The goal back then was to have a depository of all my work-driven angst -made public.

Now, it’s basically out of frustration (plus a depository of all my work-driven angst).

See, logging in my Multiply is a daily routine at La Opisina. It’s the only way I get to update my friends if I’m still breathing and vice versa.  Two months back, La Opisina decided to block  social networking sites  Friendster and Multiply.

There goes my online lifestyle.

Facebook on the other hand, being the most popular SNS, wasn’t blocked.

Apparently, La Opisina’s El Director didn’t have it blocked because he has one.

For a moment my head dropped.

So that’s where the frustration comes from.

(My boss is almost 50 for crying out loud. Why would he need a Facebook??)

BTW, there’s something I have to be clear about this blog.

This does not aim to be some major blogsite that you’ll add to your favorites.

It’s just where I can post my pictures (non-creative), and rantings about life as we know it -as I seem to know it.

SO HERE WE GO!just chill.