MAC Dreaming Dahlia on NC40-42

So let’s kick things off with a MAC lipstick I lost.  Short lived, I know.  The photos below were taken last year but I never got the chance to blog about.

MAC Dreaming Dahlia (Lustre) from the MAC Fantasy of Flowers collection.


I remember buying this last year because it was summer and orange was the official summer color.  MAC describes it as a “sheer red-coral”.

I’m always iffy about Lustre finishes because they tend to be sheer and tend to not last long but because orange was a color that isn’t popular to most Filipinos’ eyes(it’s either red or pink here in the Philippines), I think sheer or lustre would be a good start for an orange lipstick.


If I remember correctly, Dreaming Dahlia had very tiny gold glitters running through it.


Here’s how it looks on my lips with flash photography.


And here’s one without.  You can still see the glitters but it’s not stark nor tacky.


It has a tendency to go neon on me, so I prefer to just pat this on my lips instead of swiping the stick.  And because of the sheen, it made my lips look a little bit fuller but not Kylie Jenner plump.  Here’s a throwback with Dreaming Dahlia on my lips.

Horrible lighting.
Kylie. Gurl, I feel ya. #thinlips #insecurity #tbt

It stays on my lips for about 3 hours and kind of leaves a cute little stain.  The glitters don’t really stick to the skin when you remove it which is good.  It wasn’t drying either.

All in all, it’s a good shade, one that you can’t find in drugstore or local brands.  It works well on pigmented lips as well, kind of neutralizes it actually.

It is costly, 1000Php if you get it here in the Philippines.  But if you’re buying this in Rustan’s, make sure you get their Frequent Shopper card so you can earn 5Php for every 1000Php purchase.  Plus, you’re assured of the authenticity of the product(If you find a MAC lipstick online for below 500Php, that is an absolute fake!  Trust me, please).

So the big question is, would I repurchase this? I’d say definitely.  I haven’t found any dupe for this really.  I’m not sure if this is a limited shade but if MAC puts this shade out again, I’d definitely get it and never lose it ever again.



of non-intelligence and daily babbles POST #15

Wow. How long has it been?

More than a year?

A lot of things have happened.  I’ve gained back all the weight I had lost when I was 25.  We’ve moved in to a new house.  I’ve turned 30.  I’ve tried to freelance as a “makeup artist”.  And by freelance I mean, I worked for free.  I had to stop though as things did not go well with my father’s health.  I think that’s the main reason why I’ve opted out on blogging.  It didn’t sit well with me to continue blogging about makeup while my family was going through something.  Not everything is well yet but I think I can start moving forward and continue doing what I love to do.  I know my father would have wanted the same.  He was the most supportive about my love for makeup artistry.

So I should be back anytime soon.




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So I saw this Monday poll that Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog published.

Basically she compiled questions that her readers have been asking her.

It looked fun to answer them even when it’s not a Monday. So here we go!

Le List

1. What did you do last weekend?

I went out with friends, dined and danced the night away. And slept through an earthquake. Scary!

2. Folks who are fun to travel with?

Friends definitely!

3. Did you ever go through a rebellious stage?

Maybe. But it wasn’t that bad. I think I handled myself well all throughout puberty and very trying times.

4. Your current favorite hand cream?

Milk or was it called Cake? Velveteen hand cream. But I love the hand and cuticle buffer more!

5. What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I’m sure it was last night’s leftovers. #yebah!

6. Something you keep meaning to do but haven’t gotten to yet?

Drinking water only and not having soda. #veryguilty

7. When was the last time you went to the beach?

I think last May? I did hit the beach a lot last summer. Finally!

8. High-waisted cut-off jean shorts — yes or no?

Just no.

9. Do you drink enough water?

Definitely not. Unless you count the water in the coffee? I usually do 5 vending cups in about 8 hours. No?

10. One thing you’re working on this week?

How in the world do I organize my email??? That I definitely have to work on stat or else I’m screwed!

Now, it’s your turn!

Quick Review: The Body Shop Shea Sugar Body Scrub

Body product review time!

The Body Shop’s Shea Sugar Body Scrub.


I was supposed to get The Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter Body Scrub which I truly loved but unfortunately has been discontinued.

The Shea Sugar Body Scrub and Chocolate Body scrubs were the only scrubs on sale for 700+ something pesos.  I picked the former because I felt it was the better choice for my very dry skin.  Bad idea.


This was disgustingly oily even when rinsed.  I don’t think it exfoliates well compared to the Cocoa Butter.  I don’t think it exfoliates at all.  The sugar scrubs melt within a few rubbing.  Think 2 rubs.  Just doesn’t work even when you apply it over dry(not damp) skin or wet skin.

look at how oily it is over dry skin

The oil does not get absorbed by the skin.  I don’t know what kind of dry skin one should have to appreciate this.  This should have been discontinued instead of the Cocoa Butter which I now believe is repackaged as the Chocolate scrub.  Damn!  Should have gone with that Chocolate one!  Can’t return, unfortunately.

Never getting this ever.  Don’t ever get this.  You will regret it.  There I said it.


MAC Crosswires on NC40/C40/NC42

Swatch time for MAC Crosswires on NC40/C40/NC42 skin!

MAC Crosswires
MAC Crosswires (I went crazy over removing the MAC logo on the tube, just one of those days)

MAC Crosswires I believe is not available in local MAC counters in the Philippines, so I got mine from Stuff In Style for 900 pesos.

Now I don’t remember exactly why I wanted to get this, but I’m sure I fell in love with it when I browsing through Youtube videos and blogs.  Since this isn’t available locally, I had to guess how this was going to look on my lips.  That is a lot of risk. We don’t have the kind of consumer rights Westerners have where we can return the product if it doesn’t work for us.  Boo third world.  Boo.  But I fell in love so hard, I had to get it.

MAC Crosswires is a cremesheen which means it is creamy and yet opaque enough to show up on the lips.  It’s a pinky coral shade with gold flecks(if you look close enough).


On me, it’s a bright almost-neon pink coral which was not the look I was going for.  A little bit disappointed about that.  That means, I can’t swipe this straight from the tube, I’ll have to pat this on my lips to prevent it from becoming neon.  It does however look gorgeous on people who are fairer, maybe NC35 and lighter.  It looks like my-lips-but-younger on them.

Must exfoliate lips.

But I still can’t help myself from using it especially when I know I’ll be getting some tan.  It works well when you have golden tones.  It’s like your lips got a good tan as well.  It lasts long enough like 5 hours and leaves a nice stain on the lips.  Perfect for summer!  Again, patting it on works more than swiping it on if you have my skintone.

Here’s how it looks on my skintone.  Again, excuse the ugliness of thy selfie.


And that’s it! I, thank you. Bow.

The Faceshop products I can genuinely recommend

This is not at all sponsored by The Face Shop but I’ve to give props to this Korean brand for coming up with very affordable products that truly work.  And I’m not afraid to recommend these products to anyone at all.

First, we have the silver eyelash curler.  For only 105 pesos, this eyelash curler holds curl all day long or until you get your lashes wet.  It doesn’t pinch unlike it’s 205-peso gold sister(which I reviewed way back here) and doesn’t create an L-shaped curl.  The pads are made of rubber unlike the gold version’s silicone pads.  The curler comes with 2 extra pads as well.  I do reach out for this more than the gold one.



Next we have the Style My Eyebrow pencils priced at 150 pesos each.  The first one I got was in the shade #2, a deep brown shade when my hair was still black, then got #3, light brown, when I dyed my hair brown. Shade #1 is black which I do not own. The greatest thing about these pencils is the absence of a red undertone which you usually see in most local and cheap eyebrow pencils.  I hate it when brow pencils have red in them.  They just look so bad and cheap on anyone.  These Faceshop pencils are not creamy as well which means product won’t get stuck on any of your brow hairs.  A little bit of chipping on the edges happen as the day goes by when you have oily skin but definitely it’s not the alarming kind.


Last is the Color My Eyebrow brow gel.  If you can’t get yourself to shell out for MAC brow gels and Etude House brow gel’s glitters annoy you then get this.  I repeat.  Get this!  I got the darker shade out of the 2 available.  This one doesn’t have glitter, isn’t red unlike the Majolica Majorca ones and is only around 350 pesos.  It keeps my brows in place and most importantly, it sets the brow pencil very well.  Filled in brows all day long.  I repeat.  All day long.  The only downside, which I shall consider irrelevant but will still state, is the product’s shelf life of 6 months.  I got this January of this year, a couple of days before Sinulog and the expiration date says May 29 2014.  My math says I have less than 6 months to use this.  But I still bought it on regular price.  Hmmp.  Nevertheless, it still is a good product.  Just make sure you blot the brush with a tissue to rid of excess product before brushing it up on your brows.


And that is it.  Again this is not a sponsored post.  I just can’t afford to have these items discontinued because of low sales so here I am recommending them so The Faceshop won’t stop making them.

I, thank you. Bow.

5 Cheap Brushes That Aren’t Crap

While I haven’t gone the Sigma and MAC route of brushes, I have somehow accumulated a couple from local and accessible counters.  So I present to you the 5 brushes I think you should get if you want to keep up with your makeup addiction without wasting whatever money you have left:

From top to bottom: Ever Bilena Eyeshadow brush, Pinkies Collection unnamed brush, Marionnaud Pointed Eyeshadow brush, Etude House Blending brush; ELF Eyeshadow brush
From top to bottom: Ever Bilena Eyeshadow brush, Pinkies Collection unnamed brush, Marionnaud Pointed Eyeshadow brush, Etude House Blending brush; ELF Eyeshadow brush

1. ELF Eyeshadow brush – This brush has been with me for about 3 or 4 years now.  It’s locally available in ELF counters for about 130 to 150 pesos.  It has the right shape and size for a regular shader brush.  I use this to pat eyeshadow on the lids and to pat on powder concealer on spots or the undereye.  You can get creative with this brush and use it for almost anything if you just want that one eye brush.

2. Etude House Blending brush – This isn’t what I typically would call a blending brush because of how short and stiff the bristles are but for the Koreans, it is one apparently.  Priced at 198 pesos, this brush serves an important role in my hooded eye life.  I use it to draw shadow, in shades of brown, right above the fold of my lids to give that illusion of a deep fold.  And because of it’s tapered shape, the edges it creates are not sharp.  My life made easy thanks to this brush.

3. Marionnaud Pointed Eyeshadow brush – I use this when I’m cutting crease or lining the socket or when putting shadow in the inner or outer V of the eyes.  The softness of this brush makes blending or extending the shadow easy as well.  And it’s cheap for around 60 pesos.

4. Pinkies Collection Brush – This brush didn’t come with a name so do whatever you want to do with this brush.  I use it as a gel liner brush.  If you’re new to gel liners and liner brushes scare the hell out of you(because you don’t breathe when you’re lining or else), then this is the best starter brush.  It’s thin enough with the right stiffness and brush length.  The handle is just right too.  This brush is not intimidating at all and it’s only 99 pesos.

5. Ever Bilena Eyeshadow brush – So this was marketed as an eyeshadow brush but those bristles will never work as one unless you’re using cream eyeshadows.  I got this to use it as a concealer brush but ended up enjoying it more as a lip brush.  I forgot the price but definitely it shouldn’t be more than 100 pesos.  I don’t like lip brushes that are thin and long as they take more time to fill the lips in and they get your lip shade streaky and all over the place.  This one’s easier to control and get’s the job done fast.

Bye bye for now!




VERSUS Summer Edition! Maybelline Clear Smooth BB White VS Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV White

*This was written last May 2 2014.

This one’s a long overdue post. I mean, are BB creams still on trend? What letter are we on now? D or E?

But because it is scorching hot where I live and anything affordable is always a winner AND whitening products are still the rave(why can’t we just love some golden tan?), I shall commence the VERSUS Summer 2014 Edition! BB CREAMS!

On one corner we’ve got Maybelline’s Clear Smooth 8 in 1 High Protection BB Cream A.K.A. BB White.  And on the other corner, we’ve got Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV White A.K.A. BB Cream UV White.


Za VS Maybelline
Za VS Maybelline

Both say they’re whitening, has SPF 50 PA+++, and both are of about the same quantity.

Maybelline BB White has 8 claims:

Oh Promises!
Oh Promises!

Za has around more than 4:


What do they have in common in terms of claims?

1. Both have SPF 50 PA+++

2. Evens out skin tone.

3. Brightens the skin.

4. Long wearing.

5. Both are priced below 500PHP.  The Maybelline I got as a gift while the Za I got as a prize from Liz Lanuzo (

The difference?

The Maybelline BB Cream comes in 2 shades while Za only has one shade.  And the finishes are different.  The Maybelline BB is dewy while Za’s BB cream is matte.

Left: Za BB Cream; Right: Maybelline BB Cream in Shade 02
Left: Za BB Cream; Right: Maybelline BB Cream in Shade 02

My observations while wearing Maybelline BB Cream:

1. Dewy finish

2. Shade close to mine, for reference I’m in the NC40, C40, NC42 range.

3. Skin gets oily easily

4. Gone before I know it.

My observations while wearing Za BB Cream:

1. Matte finish

2. Lighter than my skintone.  Cannot wear alone.

3. Long wearing, it takes a while before I see my pigmentations peek through.

4. I don’t get oily too quick


But which one wins?

The Za BB Cream wins in my book.  Simply because it doesn’t make me oily.  It works great as a primer but not as a stand-alone base for those with medium to deeper skintones.  The Maybelline BB Cream though will work for those with normal to dry skin.


Swatch and Thoughts: MAC Captive (Satin finish) on NC40/42/C40

Another lipstick swatch! This time it’s MAC Captive, one of the not so popular lip shades from the brand.  This lip shade falls in the same plum family of Amorous, Craving, Plumful and maybe Up the Amp.

I got mine from MAC Rustan’s Cebu (Ayala Center Cebu) for 1000PHP, sooo not equivalent to US$16 price. :(

MAC Captive in Satin finish (taken with flash)
MAC Captive in Satin finish (taken with flash).  #nastytube

MAC describes it as pinkish-plum. Period.

I think it’s pinkish-plumish-mauve-ish.  Watchuthink?


Captive, a permanent shade, is classified as a Satin finish -basically a long-lasting non-drying matte texture; the very reason why I picked this up among all the other more popular plum shades being a plum lipstick kind-of-a-girl that I am.

The rest were just too light or too shimmery or too glossy for my taste.  Not a fan.  And I wanted to make sure that the lipstick I’m shelling out 1000 Pesos for is not going to require me to do touch-ups after taking 2 sips of my coffee.

And it’s the kind of shade you can sooooo wear to work especially when you don’t want to be bothered with retouching because there are other more important things to life.


1 full swatch
1 full swatch

That being said, it definitely comes off as a “mature” lip color or what I’d call an office lipstick -it’s mature but it’s not red.  Did that make sense?

Here’s a semi-selfie with Captive against my skin.



on my what looks like NC42 skin
on my what looks like NC42 skin #pores #pores #pores

Sorry ’bout the pores.

So if you are no longer in your teens and is on the lookout for an everyday long-lasting, non-drying matte plum lipstick then Captive is one safe MAC purchase.

I, thank you. Bow.



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